Macro Zoom 0.1x - 50x

Observation of large objects for macro documentation

Extended view out to infinity

The macro lenses can cover the need for observation of large objects for macro documentation. The view can easily be extended out to infinity if overall documentation is required, for example taking an image of the car for the report that will also feature magnified images of the car’s paint.

MXB-MACRO: Lens that covers magnification ranges of 0 to 20x by changing the working distance. With an aperture diaphragm, it creates high-level images and responds smoothly to wide field of view.

MXB-050Z: The multi-functional macro zoom lens can achieve a view of the entire object and a magnification of up to 50x. A light source guide is integrated into the lens for diverse environments. Allows switching between Macro lens form infinity -5x magnification and constant focus from 5x-50x zoom range.

Working Distance (mm)-∞ ~ 90
Field View (mm)∞ - 15.4∞ ~ 61 - 6.1
ACS FunctionYes
Lighting methodAvailable lightIntegrated ring light