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3D Digital Microscope HRX-01

High-Resolution Inspection
Easy, Fast and Non-Destructive
2D & 3D Measurements
Intelligent XYZ Stands
Zoom 0.1x – 10 000x
Exclusive 360° Rotary-Head

White Light Confocal System NPS

High-precision Profilometry
Submicron Z Precision
Ultra Fast Profiling
ISO 25178-602 Certified Measurement (Sa, Ra…)
Automatization & Reports
Compatible with HRX-01 3D Digital Microscope

Exclusive 360° Rotary-Head

Non Contact 360° Motorized Rotation
Unique Helicopter View around the Sample
High-quality Photos & Videos
Patented Magnetic Adapter from 6x up to 400x
Perfect for Reporting and Observing Complex Details
Full Control via the HIROX Software


Calibration / Maintenance
Advanced Training
Inspection / Measurement
Consulting / Video

Tabletop SEM

Powerful & Advanced Performance
User-Friendly Operation & Interface
High-Resolution, High-Magnification SEM Images
Auto-Focus, Auto-Brightness and Auto-Contrast

Alloy Fracture
Tiling with MXB-2016Z zoom lens
Solar Panel
Tiling with MXB-2500REZ zoom lens at 500x
Engine Part
3D Profile Measurement with HR-1020E zoom lens at 30x
Electronic board
Tiling with HR-1020E zoom lens
Multifocus image with HR-1020E zoom lens at 10x
Multifocus with MXG-2500REZ zoom lens at 30x and 1000x
Contact inspection with HR-2016E zoom lens at 40x
Multifocus with HR-5000E zoom lens at 140x
Multifocus with HR-1020E zoom lens at 90x
Multifocus with HR-1020E zoom lens at 90x
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