To get the best image quality, a good illumination of the sample is a must. Results can reach perfection with the appropriate settings and lighting techniques. We provide a broad range of lightings for all applications and giving the best image quality in order to carry out high-resolution inspection and measurements on all samples with the HIROX 3D Digital Microscope. You can easily get all surface and textures properly illuminated for more than full HD videos and clear images in a single shot or using the stitching feature to cover a wide field-of-view.

Diffusion Lighting

The new J-SFL diffusion lighting device works as a light box that can be opened with 6 arms.

It has a set of 432 powerful LED lights, spread over 13 segments that can be independently controlled.


Dome Lighting

Metal and other reflective samples can be especially difficult to image, as wherever the light source is will be reflected on the sample. 

With this accessory however, the lighting is coming from 360 degrees around the sample, giving even lighting across the sample. 

This is especially useful for challenging samples like metal ball bearings.

Dome Lighting

UV Lighting

Ultraviolet lighting is below 380nm outside the visible light spectrum and can be used to increase the image resolution beyond the limit of standard optical microscopes.

This can be used to better see cracks in solder or security features on authentication documents and blils.

UV light also increases the contrast of certain samples relative to their surroundings, due to the interaction of light with the molecules within the sample itself. One example is protein crystals.

Raking Light

Raking light is an efficient and easy way to illuminate your sample area using a set of two flexible arms with LED lighting.

You can adjust the intensity and which arm you want to use to adapt your lighting as much as possible.

We provide two main types of external lighting: one for the Hirox regular stand and one for custom stand with 32-mm poles.

In addition to a long lifetime, they are light and easily mountable/dismountable.

Transmitted Polarized Lighting

Using a filter with the condenser, light can be restricted to a single direction of vibration.

This filter can enhance an image by reducing light intensity and glare.

This is especially useful with transparent biological samples, as different elements/features of the sample can be observed by changing the direction of the light.

Polarized Lighting

Reflected & Transmitted Lighting

Coaxial & Polarized Lighting