The Rotary-Head

Discover the HIROX 360° View

The Rotary-Head

Discover the HIROX 360° View


Exploration & inspection of any inaccessible details without having to manipulate of the samples.

Many applications and objects come with matters to solve, where some details cannot be seen vertically.

Fracture analysis, material testing, watchmaking are a few examples for which the rotary-head is a precious device. It can help better understand and compare samples details, thus enhance and facilitate defect detection.

It is compatible with the new  HRX-01 & RX-100 3D digital microscopes and can be directly controlled within the Hirox software interface as well as using the 3D Mouse controller.


Depending on the adapter, the high precision mirror sets allow inspection angles from 25 up to 55 degrees.

Using motorization, you can precisely adjust the speed, rotation direction, freeze and resume, zoom in/out and much more.

Recording high quality videos and images is one click away: effortless and quickly process whatever the format of choice.

Whether it is used for marketing or quality control purposes, the images recorded can be displayed on the same screen using the split-screen feature.

It  enables smooth multi-tasking and comparison, being thus a perfect tool for single and team working.


The patented Hirox motorized rotary-head adapter creates a unique 360° “helicopter view” observation over an object!

Reflective artefacts & elements become visible and reveal their entire features depending on the observation angle and lighting adjustment.

It’s a useful and powerful ally for revealing holograms or security features on bills or authentification documents such as ID cards and passports.

Many R&D units, laboratories, control teams & counterfeit experts have already been using the Hirox setup to take on the challenge of unravelling such details in the most efficient way.


With a magnetic quick-mount system and combined software recognition, it’s a user-friendly device for all needs.

Designed to fit both HR-2016(E) & HR-5040(E) zoom lenses, it offers an exclusive versatility to the Hirox optics.

Compatible with variable zooms and lightings, it suits diverse working distances and allows inspection from 6x up to 400x!


Art restoration & conservation
Security printing
Biology, entomology, botanic & anthology
Electronics, PCB, BGA, circuit boards
Metallography & material analysis
Coatings & plastic
Archaeology & antiques
Wafer, connectors, circuits
Hybrid components
Gemology & Jewelry
Textile & fibers
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