Tabletop SEM SH-5500P

This electron microscope is the frist premium table top SEM to combine a 5 axis fully motorized stage and a large chamber which allows to fit large samples. The high votage is adjustable from 1 to 30 kV (6 steps).

X, Y, Z (40mm) Tilt (-15 to +90°), Rotation (360°)

– Window 10 compatible
– 5 axis fully motorized
– Tilt  from -45 to +90 degrees allows a perfect observation of the sample.
– Allows 3D reconstruction with paired SE stereo images or from 4 BSE images
– 70 deg tilt for EBSD available (option)
– Maximum sample size : diameter 80mm, thichkness 40mm

Computer controled, powerful and compact

Easy to use graphic interface

CCD camera with stage navigator

A CCD camera attached to the SEM allows to capture an image of the sample holder with the samples.

The image is automatically loaded in the SEM software.

To move over the sample just click on the picture, the stage will move.

Standard specifications

  •  Up to 5120*3560 pixel image
  • Beam resolution 5nm (SE)
  • High magnification: X 150K
  • 4 variable apertures and continuous variable spot size
  • High Vac and Low Vac modes
  • SE and BSE detector
  • Dual mode
  • 1 to 30 kV (6 steps 5kV)
  • Automatic adjustments
  • Stage navigator 5 axis

2 modes: High vacuum and Low vacuum

2 electrons detectors: SE and BSE (4 diodes)

Integrated EDS from BRUKER Nano

The SH-5500P is ready for EDS (ESPRIT 2.1 by BRUKER) and also EBSD analysis both together.
Two models EDS are available:


Integrated silicon drift détector (SDD) nitrogen free
Detection from Boron to Uranium, 129ev Resolution 10 & 30 mm²
Qualitative and Quantitative analysis sofware

QUANTAX 100 Advanced

Multipoints and area spectrum acquisition
Line profile
X-ray mapping and spectral imaging

Versatile chamber for special tools

Optional features

  • Automatic particle analysis & Filter inspection
  • 3D reconstruction software  (Mountains Map)
  • Cooling/heating  stage compatible
  • EDS & EBSD compatible
  • In-Situ experiments