Motorized XYZ-Axis Free Angle Stand

To accommodate to many objects and observational applications, Hirox has created both a Straight type stand and an Angle type stand (angle 90°) for the digital microscope.

The XY stage can rotate, and with some versions can have the height and angle changed. The Motorized Z-Axis Block (Z-Axis motion solution 0.05μ), makes it easy to focus during high magnification observation without any stress.

The motor can be controlled freely by the 3D Mouse.

Motorized XY-Axis Large Stage

Large Motorized XY-Axis Stage allows for the observation of large samples with effective stroke of 110mm x 100mm.

High intesity LED transmitted lighting is built in for obsevation of various samples.

Bridge stand

Motorized X axis (top): 500mm
Motorized Y axis (bottom): 500mm
Step size: 0,2 micrometer
Base plate: 1200x900x58mm
Sample plate: 520x520mm
Width inside the bridge: 640 mm
Length inside the bridge: no limit
NPS smallest height: 1 micrometer
Maximum load on Y axis: 15 kg
Maximum XY moving speed: 10 mm / sec
Compatible with FB-E motorised Z axis block
XY controller for full control with the Hirox software included
32 mm pole included

Also available in 300×300 or 1000×1000 mm

Horizontal stand

Special made horizontal motorized stand for inspection of vertical objects with counterweight:

Motorized X axis (bottom): 500mm
Motorized Y axis (moving up and down): 500mm
Step size: 0,2 micrometer
Maximum XY moving speed: 10 mm / sec
Manual Z axis: 80mm
Motorized Z axis: 30mm
(FB-E motorised Z axis block not needed)
XY controller for full control with the Hirox software included

Flexible arm stand

Large Stand With Adjustable Horizontal Arm.
With a stable arm, it facilitates observations of large-size objects
Plate size: 500 x 640 x 37 mm
Height: 657 mm
Pole Diameter: 29mm
Weight: 12.0 kg
Large XY table (AS-XYL) can be attached (Sold Separately)

Contact stand

New high precision stand with Z-axis specially designed for contact observation
Motorized movements: 30mm with 0,05µm (50nm) steps
Delivered with XY base and micrometric screws

contact stand

Dome Lighting

Metal and other reflective samples can be especially difficult to image, as wherever the light source is will be reflected on the sample. With this accessory however, the lighting is coming from 360 degrees around the sample, giving even lighting across the sample. This is especially useful for challenging samples like metal ball bearings.

Dome Lighting

Horology pivot without Dome Lighting

Horology pivot with Dome Lighting

UV Lighting

Ultraviolet lighting is below 380nm outside the visible light spectrum and can be used to increase the image resolution beyond the limit of standard optical microscopes. This can be used to better see cracks in solder. UV light also increases the contrast of certain samples relative to their surroundings, due to the interaction of light with the molecules within the sample itself. One example is protein crystals.

UV ring light & side lighting

10 euros banknote with visible light

10 euros banknote with UV light

Transmitted Polarized Lighting

Using a filter with the condenser, light can be restricted to a single direction of vibration. This filter can enhance an image by reducing light intensity and glare. This is especially useful with transparent biological samples, as different elements/features of the sample can be observed by changing the direction of the light.