Hirox, the Pioneer of the 3D Digital Video Microscope System. Also Portable and Handheld Digital Microscope.
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Hirox 3D Digital Microscope System - From the company that invented the first Video-Microscope more than 20 years ago:

Hirox featured on the BBC!

Don't miss the new BBC "Miniature Britain" TV show featuring the Hirox 3D Digital Microscope and Hirox Europe specialist Emilien Leonhardt!

The show will air on BBC1 on Wednesday the 12th of December at 8PM London time.

"Biologist George McGavin goes on a journey around the British Isles to show us the extraordinary little things that are vital to our land. With a revolutionary new microscope camera with a zoom up to seven thousand times, George reveals the surprising beauty of Britain close-up. Caterpillars' feet have hooks that anchor them to leaves even upside down, the wings of butterflies and moths are a kaleidoscope of colourful scales that keep them safe from predators, bee stings have barbs that make them stick deep in your skin, and feathers have thousands of hooks that zip together keeping birds airborne.

Our cities are full of invisible miniature life too: millions of cute 'water bears' graze pavement mosses, and our homes have legions of dust mites scavenging for food in our carpets.

This is Britain as you've never seen it before."

For more information: BBC Programmes or contact us

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