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Digital Microscope: MX Series [ MXG-2500REZ ]

MXG-2500REZ: A Revolution in Design for Optical Digital Microscopes 35x � 2500x Zoom Lens MXG-2500REZ:Dual Illumination Revolver Zoom Lens
Hirox new Revolver Lens brochure
Revo Lens Brochure

Revolutionary Revolver Zoom Lens 35x-2500x: The new Hirox exclusive MXG-2500REZ is now available!

Please click here to download the brochure of the new Hirox Revo Lens.

Incredibly Wide Zoom Range with a Triple Objective Turret

35x to 2500x magnification provides a field of view from 8 mm to 0.12 mm

A new lens design provides macro to micro views.

Turning the turret allows the operator to access each objective lens and an optical zoom range of over 70 times the minimum magnification.

Lens parfocality allows for sustained focus across the entire magnification spectrum from 35x-2500x.

The ACS (auto calibration select) is integrated and recognizes the objective lens positioning as well as the zoom level.

As always, all calibration information will be displayed and stored, eliminating any potential human error.

Dual Illumination

The dual illumination mechanism provides both co-axial and ring lighting.  The operator is free to choose either setting or a mix of both in order to cover a multitude of applications.  The lighting system is integrated into the lens and no additional cables are required.


Control Image Quality Optically

Eliminate the need for post image processing software. 7 different adapters provide a variety of optical techniques to re-create images that cannot be expressed only with co-axial and ring lighting.
Fixed Aperture Adapter Aperture Adapter
Edge Enhancement Adapter Polarizing Adapter
Contrast Filter Adapter Optical Rotary Adapter
Directional Adapter
Polarizing Adapter


Model MXG-2500 REZ
Lighting Method Co-Axial, Dark Field and Mixed
Range Low-Range Mid-Range High-Range
Magnification 35-250x 140x-1000x 350x-2500x
Working Distance 10 mm
Horizontal View
mm / inch
8.71 - 1.22 mm
0.34" - 0.05''
2.18 - 0.31 mm
0.09" - 0.01"
0.87 - 0.12 mm
0.03" - 47.2 mil
ACS Option Yes


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